Introducing a superior way to transact Mineral, Royalty, and Working Interests

A new partnership bringing together the powerful data and platform of MineralWare's Mineral Management Software to Energy Domain's innovative platform

Integrated revenue data for all listings


Energy Domain was created to provide a safe and secure marketplace for sellers to market their mineral, royalty, and working interests. With three selling options: buy now, auction, or continuous listing, sellers are able to enter the market on their own terms.

Automated Listing

With a fully automated listing service, sellers can post assets for sale within minutes. In just a few simple steps, Sellers can upload checks, conveyance documents, and leases to their listing. Energy Domain's platform will automatically associate revenue data to wells, map the tracts and complete the listing.

Test the Market

Getting the best value can be a matter of timing. By utilizing the continuous listing option, sellers can receive offers without any commitment to sell. Additionally, sellers can safely list their assets with a reserve price for sale through an online auction.

Optimal Exposure

Sellers maximize the value of their assets by becoming instantly connected with a nationwide group of qualified buyers.


Energy Domain was created to position buyers with the tools, data and analytics necessary to make intelligent and timely decisions.

Efficient Buying Options

Buy Now and Make an Offer features allow for a seamless transaction process. Don’t wait for an auction to be over when you can skip the line and secure a deal that fits perfectly into your portfolio.

Real-Time Data, Alerts & Analytics

Integration of digital revenue, well, and production data allows buyers to conduct rapid analysis without leaving the platform. Buyers can also set real-time alerts and be notified of new listings in their area of interest.

Deal Quality

Buyers are able to access exclusive deals never before marketed and work with the seller within the Platform to fully transact the deal and ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement.

All in one platform

Energy Domain's technology-focused platform improves the manner in which oil and gas properties are bought, sold, and leased by integrating nationwide well data, production data, analytics and alerts.

With our all-encompassing platform you can list, evaluate, and fully transact a deal with never before seen efficiency allowing for reduced acquisition time and better deal exposure.

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